Our investment process sets us apart from the crowd. We apply disciplined fundamental, bottom-up analysis in order to build portfolios of exceptional microcap and small cap businesses in Australia and across the globe.

As a growing army of investors treat the microcap and small cap universe as a casino, we believe the opportunities for investors who apply disciplined fundamental analysis will continue to proliferate. Often the greatest investments are hiding in plain sight and Spheria’s tried-and-tested investment process – which places cash flow at its core – has a track record of uncovering great businesses long before the crowd takes notice. Importantly, it also helps deliver downside protection during times of turbulence.”

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Why invest with us?

Investing with an active fund manager that specialises in microcap and small cap stocks can deliver a significant edge. Many microcap and small cap stocks have no analyst coverage. Providing an extraordinary window of opportunity for managers looking where others aren’t. At the same time, Spheria’s focus on identifying risk and maintaining a portfolio of businesses not reliant on capital markets to fund through-the-cycle can help shield clients from the exuberance that often makes its way into the sector.

We provide:

A consistent and disciplined investment process with an emphasis on risk management.

Exposure to small and microcap portfolios consisting of robust businesses with strong through-the-cycle cash flow.

A stable investment team with decades of experience investing in small and microcap companies.

Spheria Funds

Spheria Australian Microcap Fund
Spheria Australian Smaller Companies Fund
Spheria Opportunities Fund
Spheria Global Microcap Fund
Spheria Emerging Companies LIC

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